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Signaling & Media Gateways and Converters

Single or Dual VoIP Gateway Products

Secure VPN & IP/IAD Data Products

SS7 to SIP Signaling Products

Teleprime Advanced Communications Division Product Highlights


Introducing - Low Cost Modular Signaling & Media Gateway Converter (S&MGC Series) converts between CAS, PRI, SIP 1 to 4 T1/E1. Click for more info...


Lower recurring PRI trunk costs by migrating to next generation networks. Teleprime ACD's new application note shows how to migrate to next generation networks while still using your existing PRI based system. Click for more info...


Next generation advanced and scalable Signaling & Media Gateway Systems support SIP, SIGTRAN, SS7, PRI & CAS in a very low power 1U or 2U chassis with 1+1 hot standby option available. Click for more info...

For SIGTRAN applications, click here...


Low cost single span Signaling Converter and VoIP Gateway supports CAS or PRI and is a VoIP Gateway for legacy network migration.

With Teleprime ACD’s routing scripts, the QuadroM Gateway products support single span T1 or E1 signaling conversion from ISDN T1 to ISDN E1 or ISDN to CAS or any of the former TDM signaling types to SIP or H.323 VoIP networks. This provides an entry level migration from legacy platforms such as PRI trunks, PABXs, etc. to emerging and lower cost VoIP type networks. Let Teleprime ACD’s experienced team show you a better way click here...


END OF LIFE ANNOUNCEMENT - Encore Networks SIGNALPATH series signaling products.

The Encore Networks manufactured SignalPath series products (SP201SA, SP201 and SP230) are end of life and no longer manufactured. Teleprime ACD continues to support deployed systems with spares, maintenance contracts and out of warranty service on these products. Teleprime ACD also offers an upgrade program for migration to next generation Signaling & Media Gateway systems for these deployed systems. Many deployments of SignalPath products are used with external VoIP gateways. With the next generation VoIP and Signaling Gateways offered by Teleprime ACD, a single scalable platform is available. Additionally, advanced supplementary services along with call routing, CDRs, advanced statistics and multiple signaling links and routes are supported (limitations on the SignalPath line). Contact Teleprime ACD with your requirement or configuration to see how we can migrate your system to the next generation. click here...

The Teleprime ACD Advantage

Global Signaling & Gateway Experience

Teleprime ACD's specialty is matching legacy telecommunications networks and platforms into next generation applications. With more than 20 years of worldwide experience with signaling, interface, VoIP and IP PBX technologies, Teleprime ACD is key to getting your network optimized and working.
Teleprime ACD with its database and know-how of signaling and gateway protocols allows us to offer our customers optimally matched solutions for next generation network migration.

Technical Support Center

Teleprime ACD offers internal Technical Support and Maintenance Services with our products. Your application is supported before and after the sale by Teleprime ACD. Maintenance contracts are available to fit your needs.

Creative Competitive Solutions

We are not locked into one expensive or limited platform solution - We look at your network application to configure the best solution balancing performance, scalability, reliability and budget. Contact us with your application to see how we can match a next generation solution to your application. click here...


To request a quotation for your application, click here...

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Teleprime Advanced Communications Division (Teleprime ACD) is an established, leading global network solutions provider in the Telecomm and IT industries specializing in next generation network migration using VoIP, VoIP Gateways, signaling, encrypted satellite and terrestrial VPN network, interface & test solutions. Our services and products include systems engineering, VoIP & signaling gateway products, network test equipment, provisioning and on-site commissioning. Teleprime ACD, with its channel partners and affiliates also provide an array of support elements such as maintenance, training, consulting, research & development and technical project services.

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